Con Los Brazos

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Operación Fangio

Operación Fangio

Operación Fangio    16 March 2000

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Cuba, February 24, 1958. The second Grand Prix International Automobile City of Havana is scheduled for this date. The great Argentinean driver Juan Manuel Fangio, five times world champion, is expected with open arms by all Cubans and the Batista government, the event organizer. But Fidel's revolutionary group "July 26" has other plans for Fangio, not exactly fly. The group's intention is that Fangio boycott a government that has very little time in power.

With Open Arms

With Open Arms

With Open Arms    05 April 2017


TMDb: 5.2/10 264 votes

Jean-Étienne Fougerole is an intellectual bohemian who released his new novel "In Open Arms" and calling the wealthiest people to welcome home the families in need. While he promotes his book during a televised debate, his opponent criticized him for not applying what he himself advocates. While stuck, Jean-Étienne Fougerole accepts the challenge, for fear of being discredited. The same evening, a family of Roma rings the door of his Marnes-la-Coquette villa and the writer feels obliged to house them.